Canadian Shield Insect Repellent- 170G 30% DEET Aerosol


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Are you tired of being bothered by pesky ticks while outdoors? Look no further than Canadian Shield insect repellent! The specially formulated tick repellent contains 30% deet, ensuring that you can focus on your time outdoors without the distraction of ticks. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease, which can have serious consequences if left untreated. Don’t take any chances, protect yourself with Canadian Shield insect repellent. The repellent is easy to apply and provides long-lasting protection against ticks. Whether you’re out for a quick walk or spending the entire day in the woods, you can trust Canadian Shield insect repellent to keep you safe and comfortable. As a Canadian company, they understand the unique needs of Canadians in the great outdoors. That’s why they’ve designed their product to be effective against the ticks that are common in our forests and fields. Don’t let ticks ruin your experience outdoors. Try Canadian Shield insect repellent today and enjoy your time in the great outdoors without the worry of ticks.

  • Repels mosquitoes for 8 hours
  • 30% deet for effective protection from mosquitoes
  • Repels:
    • Ticks
    • Mosquitoes
    • Black flies
    • Deer flies
    • Biting midges
    • Chiggers